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By Mary J. Vogt, via morgueFile

Below are some links to some recent free-on-the-web and some found-in-databases articles and journals on the topic of reference services in libraries.

Journal of Library Administration

Table of contents

“. . . [O]ne might justifiably ask, “Is reference dead or at least dying?” As the articles and case studies in this issue and the next issue illustrate, the answer is a resounding “no!” Reference librarians, like their libraries, have adapted to change and continuously do so. The reference professional is as busy as ever, in some cases even more so due to the current economic situation which has forced cutbacks in resources, hours, and staffing. No, reference is alive and well, and although some things never change (research assistance, wayfinding, and instruction), the tools and methods have and our users have never been better served.”

Seal, Robert A. ‘Trends, Issues, and Innovation in Academic Library Service: Introduction‘, Journal of Library Administration, 51:3, 255 – 258

This issue of the Journal of Library Administration investigates reference. Includes an article on how reference librarians prevent library anxiety.

First Monday

April 2011 Table of Contents

A surprise result found of college students using library databases for everyday research (e.g., buying a car and checking out prices).

“We were struck by respondents’ reported use of online research databases (e.g., JSTOR, EBSCO, or ProQuest) for everyday life research. The sources are usually considered the domain of course-related research and are available through the campus library. Yet, well over a third of the respondents also reported using research databases (40 percent) for finding everyday life information.”

How college students use the Web to conduct everyday life research
by Alison J. Head and Michael B. Eisenberg.
First Monday, Volume 16, Number 4 – 4 April 2011

The latest issue of RUSQ (Reference & User Services Quarterly) is available.

Includes an article on query clarification and the reference interview in the online chat environment.

Radford, M. L., Connaway, L. S., Confer, P. A., Boros, S. S., & Kwon, H. (2011). “Are we getting warmer?” query clarification in live chat virtual reference. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 50(3), 259.

Several papers from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2011  are now available.

PDF Papers about reference services include:

Reference Desk Renaissance: Connecting with Users in the Digital Age
Sara Tompson and Catherine Quinlan

Reference Philosophy in a Mobile World: Evidence for Service Provision and Sustainability
Scott Collard, Kara Whatley, and Alexa Pearce

Re-Inventing Reference
Lynn A. Sheehan

Doreen Sullivan
RAIS (Vic.) Convenor


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